I qualified as an ESMT in October 2012 and am currently registered with ISAP and IAAMT. I can travel to clients or horses can be brought to me for treatment if required.

Having competed on the dressage and eventing circuits, I saw a lot of horses being treated and found it fascinating. Treated horses would be much improved overnight. I wanted to expand my equine career into something that would make a significant difference to horses and help them.

Massage has many benefits and the rewards are endless. As a rider and coach (BHSAI, Int SM, UKCC 2 - BHS Reg); exercise programmes can be developed and full tack checks are carried out to benefit the horse and work alongside the massage treatment.

Massage has always held an interest for me and it is a career I should have pursued a long time ago!

Myofascial Release Technique

The Equine FascialEdge Massage Tool - simple, logical and highly effective!